How We Support You

AERCO’s commercial condensing boilers and high efficiency water heaters are built to last through careful engineering, innovative technologies and durable construction. In order to ensure your system is optimized and operating at peak performance, it’s crucial that it’s properly installed and receives regular maintenance.

We offer an extensive library of detailed technical documents, a dedicated customer support team, as well as extensive training to factory-certify service contractors who start-up, install and maintain AERCO’s high efficiency boilers and water heaters. We also offer a convenient line of maintenance kits, aftermarket services, as well as extended and replacement parts warranties.

Technical Documents

AERCO offers an extensive library of technical documents for our commercial condensing boilers and high efficiency water heaters including brochures, tech data sheets, drawings, specifications, application guidelines and more. To access a full list of our documents (including documents for our legacy products), please click the submit button below. To access documents specific to a product category or unit, please click on the links in the horizontal green bar below. Legacy Products To access documents for Legacy Products, click on the Submit button below. On the following screen, click on...


BTU Capacity in Boiler Plants with Glycol Solutions Glycol solutions are used for freeze protection in hot water systems. These solutions have a lower ability to hold and transfer heat. Because of this, adjustments must be made to the heating system to compensate for the glycol characteristics. Click here for FAQ's. Sizing Instantaneous Replacement for Storage Water Heating Commercial instantaneous water heating plants are increasingly replacing old storage based systems. It is important to select the correctly-sized water heating equipment. Consideration must be given to the application,...

Equipment Start-up and Registration

Start-ups of AERCO's commercial condensing boilers and high efficiency water heaters must be performed by factory-certified personnel who have undergone the necessary training and have been qualified as an AERCO Trained Technician (ATT) or an AERCO Master Technician (AMT). It’s crucial to have our trained professionals perform these steps – starting a unit without the proper piping, venting or electrical systems is not only dangerous, but it may void the product warranty. A proper Start-up will also build a solid foundation for your system’s optimal performance at the very beginning which will keep it operating at its best down the road.


In order to keep your commercial AERCO condensing, high efficiency boilers and water heaters operating at peak performance, it's critical to conduct annual maintenance checks by a qualified service technician. Performing regular maintainance on your equipment will prevent future problems and decrease unwanted costs.


To ensure your commercial AERCO heat and hot water systems are operating as they should, it's extremely important that Installation, Start-up and Maintenance of our high efficiency, condensing boilers and water heaters are performed properly. We've developed a variety of training tools to assist you including videos that walk you through these processes step-by-step, detailed technical documents, on-site factory training, and online classes and certifications on our Learning Management System.

Warranty Programs

AERCO provides Extended Warranties on our major equipment (Benchmark boilers, Modulex boilers and Innovation water heaters) to allow customers another opportunity to manage their ongoing costs of operations. We also provide Replacement Part Warranty for AERCO gas-fired heat exchangers/combustion, chambers/shells, when purchased as aftermarket part.