To ensure AERCO's high efficiency boilers and water heaters operate as well as they are designed, it’s vital they are paired with strong, high-quality venting that can match AERCO’s durability and longevity. AERCO has partnered with two leaders in the industry, DuraVent and Security Chimneys, to offer you superior venting alongside our trusted equipment, providing you with complete engineered systems for all your projects. Purchasing venting from AERCO is:

  • Easy -  convenient one-stop shopping; simple  to install and easy to service because the venting will be sized perfectly to fit our equipment and your specs
  • Fast - product ships within 10 working days from receipt of order; quick turnaround to accommodate installation adjustments (1-5 days content dependent)
  • Reliable - only the highest quality venting is available through this program and all quoted venting systems are reviewed to assure compliance to AERCO’s venting requirements and to minimize installation costs
  • Guaranteed - AERCO guarantees the vented appliances will operate within the optimal outlet pressure range throughout the firing cycle if the venting is purchased through us

Click here to download the AERCO Vent Design Guarantee