AM Series Water Heaters

The AM Series high efficiency water heaters are powerful hot water systems with compact footprints and built-in redundancy. The AM Variable Radial Circulation heat exchanger is highly resistant to scale build-up which promotes uptime reliability, expands the lifetime expectancy of your system and increases your Return on Investment. Each unit consists of between 2 - 4 individual modules, each with its own combustion chamber, burner, gas valve, and combustion controls and safeguards, all tied together to common water connections and assembled in a single enclosure. This provides the advantages of high turndown and multiple-unit redundancy, while still keeping installation costs down and operation simple. Multiple units can be installed with near-zero side clearance for larger installations. Internal valves are included for additional savings on installation costs. Available in six sizes 199 -1000 MBH (199 and 250 available in AM Rapid Recovery Integrated only).

For pool heating applications, please visit AM Series Skid Packaged Systems: Pool Heating

AM Series Skid Packaged Systems: Pool Heating

AM Series Pool Heaters are state of the art factory package systems that save installation time, lower construction costs and deliver superior performance to meet swimming pool water heating needs.

AMR (AM Rapid Recovery)

With integrated thermal buffer, pump, and required piping, the AMR series is the easiest solution for domestic water heating from 199 to 1000 MBH.