Energy Recovery

Energy recovery is the method of using the waste heat of one process as the input that powers the next process. Today, only 6% of energy is recovered from the exhaust of industries throughout the United States. That's a tremendous amount of energy being discarded into the environment and a vast, underutilized energy resource available now. 

AERCO's innovative OriGen and DirectGen capture discarded waste heat (i.e., exhaust, waste hot water) and high pressure steam, and convert it into clean, usable heat or electricity with power output ranging from 55kW to 5MW. No fossil-fuels are consumed; no toxic emissions are produced through their closed loop systems. They're modular and scalable to accommodate larger plants. With Return on Investment within two - four years, they're valuable additions to your enterprise.

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AERCO’s DirectGen captures and turns high-pressure steam into clean, usable electrical power. 


AERCO’s OriGen captures and converts low- to medium-temperature waste heat into clean, usable electrical power.