Self-descaling Coil

Scale buildup and cracked heat exchangers significantly reduce – and prematurely end – the useful life of most water heaters. Scale buildup on the surface of the heat exchanger diminishes its ability to absorb and transfer heat. Cracked heat exchangers typically result from thermal shock caused by a rapid expansion or contraction of the material, brought on by sudden, drastic temperature changes. Rather than leave customers to fend for themselves with water softeners, chemical treatments, and extensive annual maintenance and protective procedures, AERCO indirect-fired* equipment has been carefully engineered to minimize these common problems.

Helical Coils Reduce Maintenance

A helical coil design inhibits scale buildup, reducing maintenance and extending the life of AERCO indirect-fired equipment.* The helical shape naturally winds and unwinds as the metal expands and contracts with temperature changes. This movement inhibits scale formation during normal operation and helps to break down buildup on an ongoing basis. And since each free-floating coil is connected to the unit's riser at only one end, the design promotes maximum flexibility and reduces stress at the joint.

Materials of Construction Withstand Thermal Shock

AERCO heat exchangers are manufactured from the highest-quality materials of construction -- specially chosen to extend the longevity of the equipment and to withstand the force of thermal shock. We are so confident in the durability of our equipment, we recommend thermal shocking as a regular maintenance procedure to preserve the superior heat transfer capabilities and efficiency profile of our indirect-fired equipment. 

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The Drawbacks of U-Tube Designs

With one of the most widely used designs, U-Tube heat exchangers are particularly vulnerable to scale buildup and thermal shocking. Fixed in position at both ends, there is little room for the long, predominately straight tubes to contract and expand with changes in temperature, placing constant stress on these joints during normal operations.

*Not available on AERCO double-wall offerings