Scale Reducer

The AERCO Scale Reducer (Model SR300) Commercial Treatment System provides an economical and maintenance free treatment of hard water installations. The SR300 when combined with AERCO’s scale-resistant water heater design not only prevents new scale build-up but also eliminates existing scale build-up. Furthermore, this dual solution is designed to maintain maximum operating efficiency by keeping the scale off of hot water piping, valves, recirculation lines and pumps, shower heads and other plumbing fixtures downstream of the heater.

AERCO Water Heaters are engineered to be scale resistant, but in regions with extreme hard water (>3.5 grains/gal), the Scale Reducer provides an added measure of protection against scale formation that could affect product efficiency.

The AERCO Scale Reducer uses a range of electronic frequencies to remove and eliminate limescale deposits. In extreme hard water installation areas, this will prolong water heater life and keep plumbing lines/fixtures clean with no maintenance at all.

Scale Reducer treats hard water without the need of water softener system, chemicals or salt additives. It works by sending frequencies through the pipe wall into the water, which cause the water to be stable and under saturated. This gives the water the ability to both prevent scale build up and dissolve existing scale buildup it comes into contact with. This eliminates the associated heat exchanger overheating and lets the water heater continue to perform at its peak efficiency (low-water heating cost). In addition to reduced inspection frequency, the periodic maintenance to remove and flush the water heater for scale deposits is no longer necessary.

With more than 15 years of life expectancy, the Scale Reducer is easy to install and requires no maintenance. It is a wall-mounted device requiring no floor space or any piping.

Features and Benefits

  • Treats cold water main and hot water recirculation line
  • Treats all non-ferrous pipe (Copper, PVC, SS, etc.)
  • Sturdy, waterproof controller housing (NEMA 4X rated enclosure)
  • Easy to Install, no plumbing needed
  • Heat dissipating aluminum fins
  • Ability to service two pipes
  • No service or maintenance costs
  • Estimated life of 10 to 15 or more years
  • Standard 10-year full replacement warranty
  • Eco-friendly technology
  • AERCO provides a 100% money back satisfaction guarantee

Technical Documents


AERCO SR300 Scale Reducer Installation & Operation Instructions (TID-0122)

pdf 629.35 KB | September 21, 2016

Literature and Performance Data

AERCO Scale Reducer Technical Data Sheet

pdf 321.9 KB | October 24, 2017

Scale Reducer Brochure

pdf 2.01 MB | December 14, 2015


Scale Reducer 10 Year Warranty Certificate

pdf 91.36 KB | December 14, 2015