Polypropylene Centrotherm Innoflue Venting

InnoFlue® Single Wall Commercial uses industry leading flame retardant polypropylene technology to construct single wall gasketed rigid vent pipes, fittings and accessories. InnoFlue® SW’s dynamic product line provides superior corrosion protection throughout. Lightweight polypropylene eliminates installation fatigue associated with overhead installations of most common venting materials. InnoFlue® is ULC-S636 listed at zero clearance to combustibles, making it approved for use in Canada.

Vent Lengths and fittings are joined using high performance EPDM H1 gaskets which are suitable for service pressures up to 20 inches of water column (5000Pa) and are resistant to corrosive condensate. Once Centrocerin (installation lubricant) has dried the gaskets provide firm junctions between components.

InnoFlue® Single Wall Commercial can be configured to vent individual appliances or cascaded to form a common vent system. 

Features and Benefits

Made of Polypropylene
• Higher operating temperature than CPVC
• Extruded 6' effective lengths reduce the number of joints
• 100% recyclable LEED compliant material
• Superior performance in cold weather conditions
• Zero clearance to combustibles reduces required foot print of vent system
• Improved resistance to caustic condensates
• Eliminates leaching of chlorides
• Environmentally friendly manufacturing processes
• Non-toxic smoke/fumes when burned

Internal Directional Gaskets
• EPDM gaskets have superior resistance to condensates over silicone gaskets
• Eliminates V.O.C. containing primers & glues
• Faster installation
• System adjustability
• Tighter seal rated at 20" water column
• Gaskets hold over 100 pound-force (.45kN)

Thin Wall
• Light weight eliminates installation fatigue
• Easier to cut and handle

Quality Workmanship
• Tighter male to female relationship for consistently tight fit up
• Smoother inner wall for better draft characteristics
• UL-1738 and ULC-S636 listed
• Comprehensive list of approved appliance manufacturers
• Warranty - InnoFlue® comes with an unprecedented 10 year limited manufacturer’s warranty

Engineered for Venting
• Technical support on system layouts and sizing
• OEM support for cascade and common vent systems
• Drip free appliance adaptors manufactured to OEM specifications
• Custom parts are efficiently made to order
• Single wall and cascade vent systems supported up to 12" (315mm) diameters
• InnoFlue® common vent systems are designed to manage condensates in a manner that extends boiler life.

Technical Documents

Application and Sizing Guidelines

AM Series Venting Application Guide (GF-146-V) (TAG-0075)

pdf 1.12 MB | December 1, 2017

Innovation and ReCon Venting & Combustion Air Application Guide (TAG-0043) (GF-5050)

pdf 1.27 MB | January 26, 2017

Modulex EXT Venting Application Guide (GF-136-V) (TAG-0054)

pdf 1.77 MB | September 28, 2017

Literature and Performance Data

InnoFlue Single-Wall Commercial Brochure

pdf 2.17 MB | June 27, 2017

InnoFlue Single-Wall Commercial Catalog

pdf 8.44 MB | June 30, 2017

Operation and Maintenance Manuals (O&M)

InnoFlue Installation Instructions

PDF 4.17 MB | June 27, 2017


Centrotherm InnoFlue Venting Warranty

pdf 42.85 KB | June 27, 2017