Integration Panel - BST Modbus

The Benchmark Boiler Sequencing Technology (BST) increases system turndown to maximize heating plant efficiency of up to 8 boilers. The Integration Panel is an invaluable accessory for installation with the Benchmark BST system. The Integration Panel allows for automatic BST Master-function transfer to the next available unit in the event the original Master experiences a control panel or communication failure. This allows the boiler plant to sequence as intended, maintaining optimal efficiency and uptime reliability.

The Integration Panel employs Modbus network to communicate with the Benchmark boilers. The BST auto-Master feature must be enabled in the BST Setup Menu in the C-more control panel.

Features and Benefits

Integration Panel Kit P/N 24444-1 includes:
  • NEMA Rated enclosure with clear front panel
  • Modbus transmitter
  • Power supply
  • 120V connection terminals with disconnect switch
  • Modbus header sensor kit, P/N 69195
  • Optional Modbus Outdoor Sensor, P/N 61048 for indoor/outdoor reset mode
  • If utilizing a Protonode gateway, it may be placed in the Integration Panel enclosure and utilize the built-in power supply
  • Enclosure can serve as the central communication point
  • Power Requirement: 120V 60Hz single phase
  • Dimensions: 11.8” x 11.8” x 7.1”
  • Weight: 9 lbs

Technical Documents


Modbus Integration Panel Installation (TID-0133)

pdf 394.24 KB | April 2, 2019

Literature and Performance Data

Integration Panel for BMK BST Technical Data Sheet

pdf 344.05 KB | December 21, 2017