DuraVent PolyPro Venting

Environmental Advantages
PVC pipes are commonly used for venting AERCO condensing water heaters and boilers. An environmentally safe and engineered alternative is PolyPro, for condensing gas appliances. Engineered for venting, it is 100% recyclable, and contains no toxic or carcinogenic materials, chlorides, or heavy metals. PolyPro does not release hazardous gases during combustion. Polypropylene has a higher operating temperature limit of 230°F/110°C (PVC is 149°F/65°C max and CPVC is 194°F/90°C). PolyPro is an engineered corrosion-free, condensation management system.

Performance Advantages
Ideal for high efficiency condensing boilers, and instantaneous hot water heaters. Listed by Intertek to the ULCS636 standard in Canada, and is rated as a Class IIA, IIB, and IIC vent system. PolyPro’s walls expand and contract with weather and temperature changes so there is no flexing or cracking in the venting. The terminations remain ice free in freezing weather and the interior of the 90° elbows are 88° to prevent standing condensation. The PolyPro product line has a higher sustained operating temperatures than PVC/CPVC and is corrosion resistant.

Installation Advantages
Lightweight and easy to install in less time, PolyPro does not require flammable, messy or harmful glues, cements or solvent at connections, meaning no glue curing time during installation. A variety of supports are available to make installation easier. The viton gasketed connections also allow for removal and replacement of components.

Features and Benefits

  • Designed, engineered and approved as a vent system
  • Polypropylene has a higher temperature limit than PVC/CPVC
  • Easy to install
  • Male/female connections
  • Engineered terminations
  • 20 yrs installation experience in Europe
  • Tested and listed to the ULCS636 standard in Canada. Rated as Class IIA, IIB & IIC vent system
  • 100% recyclable, environmentally safe
  • UV resistant exterior terminations
  • Colored gray
  • Competitively priced
  • 10 year warranty
  • 3% slopes designed in elbows and condensate drains


  • The PolyPro system is specifically designed as a vent system for heating appliances, not as a drain system like PVC/CPVC.
  • PVC has only 149°F/65°C and CPVC has only 194°F/90°C as their maximum temperature limits.
  • Lightweight, assembles quickly. Can be disassembled for inspection or cut to desired length.
  • Gasketed joint system. No adhesives nor primers required, no curing times and no special training. No mess.
  • Terminations are designed for superior performance in poor environmental conditions. Ice free in freezing weather, no leakage in rain, or back pressure in windy conditions.
  • PolyPro has a proven, successful performance record as a vent system in Europe where PVC is not allowed. All the right parts and pieces have been developed and tested.
  • Approved as a vent system for high efficiency appliances in Canada. Suitable for exhaust temperatures up to 230°F/110°C, and a maximum positive pressure of 15 in-w.c. See our approval section on our website for list of approved appliances in the US and Canada.
  • Environmentally safe to produce, use and dispose of. No chlorides to leach in to the water system. PolyPro complies with LEED® credit IEQc4.1 on VOC limits.
  • Terminations are made with UV resistant polypropylene so there is no breakdown of plastic due to sun exposure. UV parts are black.
  • Differentiated from white drainage pipe to make it easier to recognize.
  • Price level between PVC and CPVC for competitive installation cost.
  • DuraVent backs their product with a comprehensive warranty against defects in material and workmanship.
  • Properly manages condensate by preventing standing corrosive water.

Technical Documents

Application and Sizing Guidelines

AM Series Venting Application Guide (GF-146-V) (TAG-0075)

pdf 1.12 MB | December 1, 2017

Innovation and ReCon Venting & Combustion Air Application Guide (TAG-0043) (GF-5050)

pdf 1.27 MB | January 26, 2017

Modulex EXT Venting Application Guide (GF-136-V) (TAG-0054)

pdf 1.77 MB | September 28, 2017

Literature and Performance Data

New PolyPro Catalog

pdf 8.63 MB | December 14, 2015

PolyPro Product Brochure

pdf 3.03 MB | December 14, 2015


DuraVent PolyPro Venting Warranty

pdf 264.74 KB | December 14, 2015