AERCO’s DirectGen is able to capture and turn high-pressure steam into clean, usable electrical power ranging from 55kW to 5MW output. DirectGen can be used in a variety of applications including Industrial processes (e.g., manufacturing, bottling, molding), commercial buildings with large central steam plants including universities and hospitals, as well as high-pressure natural gas lines. It can be used in any process that uses a pressure reducing valve.

Instead of burning fossil fuels, the DirectGen generates power using high-pressure steam in a continuous, closed loop, so it’s fossil fuel-free and emission-free. Saving energy by not burning additional fossil fuels translates directly into saving money – ROI is typically within one to four years.

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Features and Benefits

Clean, Renewable Power with No Carbon Footprint

  • Clean power generation from high pressure steam sources from a variety of applications including:
    - Industrial plants
    - High pressure natural gas lines
    - Large central steam plants
    - Any process that uses a pressure reducing valve
  • Power output ranging from 55kW to 5MW
  • No fossil-fuels consumed
  • No toxic emissions produced (operates in a closed loop system)
  • Modular and scalable to accommodate larger plants

Significant Savings

  • ROI in 1-4 years!
  • Very low operating and maintenance costs (system is self-powered and completely automated – no operator)
  • Substantial state and federal rebates available
  • Considerable utility cost savings and decreased rates due to the DirectGen reducing peak demand

Operational Advantages

  • High reliability
  • 20-year design life with robust components (low mechanical stress = long life)
  • Uses the most efficient screw expander available in the marketplace instead of a turbine to provide greater flexibility with varying input loads, increased reliability and the widest operating range
  • Maintains good efficiency even at partial load
  • Highest turn-down available: 5% of nominal power
  • Operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year providing continual power (other renewable sources like the wind or sun are not always present)
  • Turnkey package – the entire unit is pre-packaged and comes on a skid
  • We customize to site conditions, and take care of installation and start-up to ensure performance is optimized