AM Series Skid Packaged Systems: Pool Heating

AM Series Pool Heaters are state of the art factory package systems that save installation time, lower construction costs and deliver superior performance to meet swimming pool water heating needs. The fully assembled system includes an AM Series boiler, shell and tube Cupro-nickel heat exchanger, pump, and expansion tank. It provides exceptional reliability, serviceability, and fuel savings from 399 to 1000 MBTU capacities for pool water heating with a single unit. AM Series are modular design, high efficiency condensing boilers. Each boiler is comprised of between two and four independent thermal modules firing up to 250 MBTU each at up to 5:1 individual turndown. This unique design provides the multiple boiler redundancy with a single unit installation. Indirect pool heat exchangers are rated for chlorine and salt water applications, handling large flow rates to match pool pumps capacity with reduced pressure drops. When needed, multiple units are easily co-located and common vented to provide larger BTU capacity pool heating plant for higher efficiency, turndown, and redundancy in the smallest footprint.

Features and Benefits

Benefits to our skid packaged system include:

  • Expertly designed from a single source – hand-built by skilled craftsmen with decades of experience in water heating designs, each system operates to the highest efficiency and reliability for the best possible return on investment, eliminating system maintenance and repairs due to improper assembly
  • Cost-efficient – systems lower installation costs, reduce project time-lines, increase Return on Investment, and provide higher long-term operational benefits
  • Compact – featuring a small footprint, the packaged systems can be used in new construction or retrofits with limited space
  • Guaranteed – AERCO stands behind every system with 100% confidence; operation is verified by factory startup testing before it is shipped

Options and Accessories

Product Options

Fuel Type
Natural gas and propane. Supports field conversion between Natural Gas and Propane.


Protonode Gateway
AERCO offers a multi-protocol, communications gateway to support integration with customers’ building control and energy management systems. The plug-n-play package supports integration with BACnet/IP, BACnet MS/TP, LonWorks, and Johnson Controls Metasys N2 systems. AERCO’s Communications Gateway is available for all AERCO boilers, water heaters and electronically controlled indirect systems.

Sentinel Products 
Compatible with all materials found in a hydronic loop, these chemicals offer overall protection of a heating system from sludge, scale, corrosion, and freeze conditions.

Gas Pressure Regulator 
Options available for Natural Gas and Propane.

Technical Documents

Literature and Performance Data

AM Pool Heaters Technical Data Sheet

pdf 253.12 KB | December 20, 2017

AM Series Sell Sheet

pdf 488.33 KB | October 15, 2019

Operation and Maintenance Manuals (O&M)

AM Series Pool Heater User Manual (OMM-0111) (GF-146-P)

pdf 2.78 MB | November 20, 2019

Product and Component Drawings

AM 399P/AM 500P Pool Heating Skid Packaged Dimensional Drawing (SD-A-1175)

pdf 173.02 KB | August 7, 2019

AM 399P/AM 500P Pool Heating Skid Packaged Dimensional Drawing (SD-A-1175)

dwg 1.99 MB | August 7, 2019

AM 750P/AM 1000P Pool Heating Skid Packaged Dimensional Drawing (SD-A-1176)

pdf 232.29 KB | August 7, 2019

AM 750P/AM 1000P Pool Heating Skid Packaged Dimensional Drawing (SD-A-1176)

dwg 2.65 MB | August 7, 2019