Modulex Maintenance Kits

Modulex Maintenance and Fireside Inspection Kits

The maintenance kits consist of the spark igniter and flame detector (with gaskets) for each module.

The fireside inspection kits consist of the spark igniter, flame detector, and burner gasket for each module. For models MLX303-1060, the fireside inspection kits also include flue collector gasket, and exhaust connector gasket.

NOTE: The fireside inspection kit already includes the components included in the maintenance kit — therefore, when performing the fireside inspection, you only need the fireside inspection kit, not both.

The below TID documents can be found on the AERCO Learning Management System (LMS).

Maintenance Kits Part Number Technical Instructions
MLX-303 Annual 58019-01 TID-0026
MLX-454 Annual 58019-02 TID-0026
MLX-606 Annual 58019-03 TID-0026
MLX-757 Annual 58019-04 TID-0026
MLX-909 Annual 58019-05 TID-0026
MLX-1060 Annual 58019-06 TID-0026
MLX-303 24-mon Fireside inspection 58019-07 TID-0027
MLX-454 24-mon Fireside inspection 58019-08 TID-0027
MLX-606 24-mon Fireside inspection 58019-09 TID-0027
MLX-757 24-mon Fireside inspection 58019-10 TID-0027
MLX-909 24-mon Fireside inspection 58019-11 TID-0027
MLX-1060 24-mon Fireside inspection 58019-12 TID-0027


Maintenance Kits Part Number Technical Instructions
MLX EXT 321 Annual 58086-01 TID-0124
MLX EXT 450/481 Annual 58086-02 TID-0124
MLX-EXT 600/641 Annual 58086-03 TID-0124
MLX EXT 800/802 Annual 58086-04 TID-0124
MLX EXT 962 Annual 58086-05 TID-0124
MLX EXT 1100/1123 Annual 58086-06 TID-0124
MLX EXT 321 24-mon Fireside inspection 58086-12 TID-0124
MLX EXT 450/481 24-mon Fireside inspection 58086-13 TID-0124
MLX EXT 600/641 24-mon Fireside inspection 58086-14 TID-0124
MLX EXT 800/802 24-mon Fireside inspection 58086-15 TID-0124
MLX EXT 962 24-mon Fireside inspection 58086-16 TID-0124
MLX EXT 1100/1123 24-mon Fireside inspection 58086-17 TID-0124
MLX EXT 1500/1530 Annual 58086-03 TID-0124
MLX-EXT 1912 Annual 58086-04 TID-0124
MLX EXT 2300/2295 Annual 58086-05 TID-0124
MLX EXT 2600/2677 Annual 58086-06 TID-0124
MLX EXT 3000/3060 Annual 58086-11 TID-0124
MLX EXT 1500/1530 24-mon Fireside inspection 58086-18 TID-0124
MLX-EXT 1912 24-mon Fireside inspection 58086-19 TID-0124
MLX EXT 2300/2295 24-mon Fireside inspection 58086-20 TID-0124
MLX EXT 2600/2677 24-mon Fireside inspection 58086-21 TID-0124
MLX EXT 3000/3060 24-mon Fireside inspection 58086-22 TID-0124