Using ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle) technology and an innovative twin-screw expander, AERCO’s OriGen is able to capture low- to medium-temperature waste heat (170˚F to 600˚F) and convert it into clean, usable electrical power across a broad range of applications including manufacturing (glass, wood, steel, brass, pharmaceuticals, food and beverage, carpet, plastics), landfills, power generators, geothermal/oil, biomass/waste heat boilers, CHP, waste treatment plants and more.

Operating in a continuous, closed loop so it’s fossil fuel-free and emission-free, the OriGen's power output ranges from 55kw to 5MW and can be combined to generate higher output plants. The clean power generated by the OriGen can be used to power your enterprise, sold back to the local power grid and/or used for CHP systems where applicable.

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