KC1000 Maintenance Kits

KC1000 Maintenance & Fireside Inspection Kits

The annual maintenance kits consist of the Spark Igniter, Flame Detector, and condensate trap orifice and o-ring.

The fireside inspection kits consist of the spark igniter, flame detector, and burner/burner release gaskets, combustion chamber liner, exhaust manifold-to-combustion chamber gasket, and exhaust manifold-to-lower head seal. For water heaters, head/head release gaskets, BTU transmitter hot water orifice, and BTU transmitter cold water orifice are also included.

NOTE: These kits already include components found in the Annual Maintenance Kit (P/N: 124929 - igniter and flame detector) — therefore, when performing the fireside inspection, you only need the fireside inspection kit, not both.

Maintenance Kit Part Number Installation Instructions
KC1000 Nozzle Mix (Annual) 124929 2004-09
KC1000 Boiler Nozzle Mix
(24 month inspection kit)
For Fireside Inspection
Low NOx GF-109LN
Standard GF-109
KC1000 Water Heater Nozzle Mix
(24 month inspection kit)
For Fireside Inspection
(Low NOx) GF-111LN
(Standard) GF-111