Jim Dagley Speaks at GEED Panel; AERCO Partners with Alliance to Save Energy


AERCO was proud to sponsor and partner with Alliance to Save Energy on their annual “Evening with the Stars of Energy Efficiency” Awards Dinner. For more than 20 years, this prestigious event, held in Washington D.C., has been the preeminent showcase for energy efficiency’s most industrious advocates and innovators, and is attended by more than 400 stakeholders from industry, government and academia.

Earlier that day, AERCO’s President Jim Dagley was chosen to be on the Alliance to Save Energy’s Great Energy Efficiency Day (GEED) panel where he, along with other leaders from across the country, discussed the critical role of energy efficiency. The panel featured keynote remarks and panel topics that addressed utilities of the future, financing and the built environment.

Jim spoke about AERCO’s dedication to the environment and their constant drive to develop innovative products and technologies that increase efficiencies and save energy.  In addition to being the first in the industry to introduce a high-efficiency, commercial, gas-fired, domestic water heater and hydronic boiler in the United States, Jim relayed a couple of interesting facts that through their high efficiency products, AERCO has avoided or reduced carbon emissions by 819 billion lbs per year and over seven trillion lbs since 1988!

Attendees also learned about AERCO’s newest energy-efficient product, the OriGen. Sitting at the intersection of energy efficiency and power generation, the OriGen is able to capture lower temperature waste heat and turn it into clean, usable electrical power that can either be used as electricity to power the enterprise the waste heat was captured from, or sold back to the local electrical power grid. Most importantly, it creates power with no carbon footprint – no fossil fuels are consumed and no toxic emissions are produced.

For more information on the OriGen, click here.

In closing, Jim sagely quipped to the audience, “Don’t drag your feet. Recover that lower grade waste heat!”