Multifamily High Rise Apartments Installation

This is an example of Benchmark boilers and SmartPlate water heaters installed at a multifamily apartment. This installation uses multiple benchmark boilers and SmartPlate water heaters in a combination system for space heating and domestic water heating. This provides a great deal of flexibility to the application. Click here to view the black and white drawing of the installation.

1.      Gas Inlet

2.      Manual Gas Shutoff Valve

3.      Gas Regulator

4.      Shell Drain Valve

5.      High Temp. System Return

6.      Low Temp. System Return

7.      DHW System Pump

8.      Automatic Air Vent

9.      Buffer Tank

10.    Relief Valve

11.    Balancing Valve

12.    Header Temperature Sensor

13.    System Air Separator

14.    System Pump

15.    Pressure Reducing Fill Valve

16.    Water Supply

17.    System Supply

18.    Expansion Tank