Multi-Fuel Condensing (MFC) with SmartPlate for Mission Critical Facilities

This is an example of the Multi-Fuel Condensing (MFC) boilers with SmartPlate water to water heaters installed at Mission Critical Facilities. This installation uses combination solution of Multi-Fuel Condensing (MFC) units for space heating along with SmartPlate units for domestic hot water heating to eliminate downtime, optimize overall system efficiency and flexibility. Click here to view the black and white drawing of this installation.

1.      Gas Supply

2.      Relief Valves

3.      Dirt Trap

4.      Manual Shutoff Valve

5.      Condensate Drain Trap

6.      Sequencing Panel

7.      System Air Separator

8.      System Pump

9.      Pressure Reducing Fill Valve

10.    System Make-up Water Supply

11.    System Supply

12.    Expansion Tank

13.    High Temp. System Return

14.    SmartPlate Units

15.    Low Temp. System Return

16.    MFC Units