Multi-Fuel Condensing (MFC) and SmartPlate for Stadiums/Fields

This is an example of Multi-Fuel Condensing (MFC) boilers and SmartPlate water heaters installation at Stadiums/Fields. This installation uses combination solution of Multi-Fuel Condensing (MFC) units for space heating, SmartPlate units for domestic hot water, and snow melt system through an external heat exchanger to optimize efficiency and safety at facility.

1.      Relief Valves (Typ.)

2.      Sequencing Valves (Typ.)

3.      Sequencing Panel

4.      System Air Separator

5.      Pressure Reducing Fill Valve

6.      System Make-up Water Supply

7.      System Pump

8.      Expansion Tank
9.      System Supply

10.    Combination System Pump

11.    Smartplates

12.    Low Temp. System Return

13.    Snowmelt System Pump

14.    Snowmelt Return/Supply

15.    Heat Exchanger (Supplied by others)

16.    High Temp. System Return

17.    Condensate Drain Trap

18.    Manual Shutoff Valve

19.    Dirt Trap

20.    Gas Supply