Innovations for Jail/Barracks/Gang Shower Loads

This is an example of an Innovation water heater installation serving Jail/Barracks/Gang Shower loads. This installation uses multiple instantaneous Innovation units in conjunction with a storage tank to meet the large periodic/continuous hot water load requirements with AERCO controls to ensure outstanding overall efficiency.

1.      Relief Valve

2.      Hose Connection

3.      Manual Gas Shutoff

4.      Gas Regulator

5.      Dirt Trap

6.      Shell Drain Valve

7.      Condensate Drain Trap

8.      Condensate Neutralization Tank

9.      CPVC Piping

10.    Thermometer

11.    House Recirculation (When Employed)

12.    Cold Water In

13.    Pump

14.    Secondary Low Water Cutoff

15.    Thermometer

16.    Expansion Tank (or Thermal Expansion Valve)

17.    Size Inlet for Flow

18.    Hot Water Out

19.    Pressure Relief Valve

20.    Thermometer

21.    Vacuum Breaker