Benchmark for Office Buildings

This is an example of a Benchmark boiler installation at an office building. This installation uses Benchmark boilers for space heating coupled with an external heat exchanger to provide a snowmelt system ensuring a comfortable environment for safety of staff and visitors. The split zones, along with sequencing controls, provide optimum system efficiency. Click here to view the black and white drawing of this installation.

1.      Heat Exchanger (Supplied By Others)

2.      Snowmelt/Pool Heat

3.      Return/Supply

4.      High Temp. System Return

5.      Low Temp. System Return

6.      Snowmelt/Pool Heat System Pump

7.      Benchmark Boilers

8.      Isolation Valves

9.      Header Sensor

10.    Air Separator

11.    Diaphragm Type Expansion Tank

12.    System Supply