Equipment Startup and Registration

Startups of AERCO equipment must be performed by factory-authorized personnel who have undergone the necessary training and have been qualified as an AERCO Trained Technician (ATT) or an AERCO Master Technician (AMT). It’s crucial to have our trained professionals perform these steps – starting a unit without the proper piping, venting or electrical systems is not only dangerous, but it may void the product warranty.  A proper Startup will also build a solid foundation for your system’s optimal performance at the very beginning which will keep it operating at its best down the road. 

For warranty validation, you must complete and submit to AERCO our mandatory Startup and Registration form for each piece of equipment installed at the site. Please download the appropriate form(s) prior to the scheduled Startup to capture key information during the procedure.

To access forms, go to the product page: Technical Documents > Startup, Installation and Maintenance Forms.

Locating AERCO Serial Number and Code Plate

Technical personnel must provide the unit's serial number when completing the Startup and Registration forms or when working with AERCO to resolve field issues. 

Click here to locate the serial number and code plate on your AERCO equipment.