What We've Done

AERCO's commercial condensing boilers and high efficiency water heaters are the trusted heating systems in thousands of installations nationwide. Read our case studies to find out how our systems have added value and provided significant energy savings and Return on Investment.

Securing an Award-winning Solution for a Major Law Enforcement Complex

The parish was undertaking a major upgrade and reconstruction of its facilities.  The massive project—encompassing over 630,000 square feet across multiple buildings—would be completed in two phases:

Phase I - Parish sheriff’s office, kitchen, warehouse and central plant
Phase II - Inmate housing, processing center and administration tower

The Innovation Provides the Ideal Retrofit for this Major Convention Center Hotel

When the north tower of this major convention center hotel was built in 1984, its 681 rooms and 25 floors got their hot water from two 3000 MBH copper fin water heaters and a massive 7,000 gallon tank. After 15 years, the tank was severely leaking and was replaced with two gas-fired 2800 MBH 1,500-gallon storage tank heaters. The retrofit required an expensive crane to haul the oversized units to the 26th floor mechanical room.

A Rewarding Lesson In Energy-Efficient Economics for a California University

A Northern California university was interested in upgrading its space heating and domestic hot water heating systems in a number of its dormitories. The building relied on a centralized system supplying steam to heat exchanges for space heating and to indirect domestic water heaters. The system was meeting the building’s needs, but it was far from efficient. The university’s plant had to operate continuously to meet year-round domestic hot-water demands, which cost a small fortune just to operate. Inefficiencies were in the 50 to 60% range, and the system was getting old.

Boiler History Lesson Helps University Of North Texas Save Money And Energy

Over the years, David Young, utilities supervisor at the University of North Texas (UNT), has learned the value of AERCO high-efficiency boilers. Since 2002, 20 of the company’s Benchmark units have been installed in various buildings throughout UNT’s Denton campus. In every instance, the performance and cost savings that these fully-modulating and condensing boilers provided were more than he imagined.

Whenever This Major Hotel Upgrades, It Asks For AERCO

This airport hotel is a 392-room facility built in 1981. Located by the Nashville International Airport, the facility also boasts 25,000 ft. of meeting rooms, a ballroom, a kitchen and small laundry. The original hot water system consisted of two copper fin tube boilers with two large, horizontal storage tanks; along with a third copper fin tube boiler with a large vertical storage tank. Despite the hefty system, it didn’t adequately supply enough hot water — forcing the hotel to discount or refund room charges. The installation of a 2,000-gallon storage tank didn’t help.