What We've Done

AERCO's commercial condensing boilers and high efficiency water heaters are the trusted heating systems in thousands of installations nationwide. Read our case studies to find out how our systems have added value and provided significant energy savings and Return on Investment.

AERCO Races To Help Hampton Inn Meet Guest Needs

With tens of thousands of tourists – many of them potential guests – set to arrive for one of the most popular NASCAR events, the time was not right for the water heater serving the laundry room at the Beachfront Hampton Inn in Daytona Beach, Florida, to break down. Yet, that is exactly what happened in February 2015. Looking for a winning partner, management turned to AERCO International, who raced to deliver an AM Series unit that delivered high performance and an unparalleled level of redundancy in one day. With the installation, the hotel can continue to serve customers at the level that has helped it earn a 2014 TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence Award and the travel website’s GreenLeaders Silver Award.

Adding 40% Efficiency to an Entire School District

Updating an old, antiquated heating system that had low operating efficiencies of 50-60% was elementary for administrators at the Williamsport School District in Pennsylvania. Realizing they had to maximize the funding, the administrators installed new systems featuring AERCO water heating solutions. Based on early returns, the systems have received high marks, as the school district expects to achieve annual savings of 30-40%. Two elementary schools and one middle school in the district had old storage-type heating systems with rated efficiencies in the low 80% but much lower operating ratings.

Luxury Apartment Complex Comfortably Saves 30% By Switching To AERCO Solutions

Located 15 miles from Boston, Weymouth Commons is a luxury condominium complex that requires hot water systems to serve its approximately 563 units, as well as a state-of-the-art fitness center and business office. When the original systems were reaching end-of-life, the director of maintenance operations for Corcoran Management Company, Gary Saltmarsh, sought a more efficient condensing system that would decrease heating costs and provide the reliability necessary to keep tenants happy.

Luxury Apartment Building Enjoys Greater ROI From AERCO Solutions

When Church Park opened 30 years ago, the three fire-tubed boilers were top of the line. A lot has changed in three decades, including the size and efficiency of heating solutions. Maintenance and service costs were adding up and the system wasn’t designed around a high ΔT, which meant operating expenses were too high.

Office Building Saves 30% in Fuel Costs and Receives NStar Rebate for Modulex

When George T. Wilkinson Inc. replaced Graystone Corporation’s existing atmospheric boilers with AERCO condensing boilers, not only were boiler room operating costs significantly reduced, but Graystone received a substantial rebate from NStar to assist with project costs. From 2008 to 2009 Graystone saved 30 % in fuel costs. Graystone Buildings Manager Bob Snow explained this was Graystone’s first time working with Wilkinson. Snow invited Geoff Wilkinson and Geoff Wilkinson, Jr. onsite and was very impressed with what they had to say.