What We've Done

AERCO's commercial condensing boilers and high efficiency water heaters are the trusted heating systems in thousands of installations nationwide. Read our case studies to find out how our systems have added value and provided significant energy savings and Return on Investment.

Top Research Facility Reduces Fuel Bills by 40% with High Efficiency, Condensing Benchmark and Innovation

Prestigious U.S. hospital, Massachusetts General, had a lot of reasons to be proud of its recently renovated, state-of-the-art biomedical research facility, but not its efficiency. AERCO's solutions of high efficiency, commercial condensing Benchmark boilers and Innovation water heaters were the perfect remedies to optimize their system and receive significant savings.

How a Governor’s Mansion Became Officially Efficient

The Governor’s Mansion is a three floor, 30-room, Greek Revival-style home built in 1967 that covers 24,000 square feet and stands on 18 acres. The mansion’s space and domestic water heating were provided by a combination system consisting of a two natural gas-fired steam boilers that fed heat exchangers for space heating, a swimming pool, and a U-tube heat exchanger inside a 500-gallon storage tank for domestic water heating. While one centralized steam system was meeting all the building’s needs, it was far from efficient.

Hollywood Theatre-Goers Warm to Upgrades, Renovation

The Hollywood Theatre renovation is transforming what was once considered the crown jewel of a Northeast Portland neighborhood into a revitalized hub of activity. The 1500-seat theater was built in 1926 in what was then the edge of the city. It emerged as a grand building and defined what became known as the city’s Hollywood District. In 1997, FAO turned its attention to the Hollywood Theatre, purchasing the building and beginning urgent repairs.

AMR Retrofit At Colorado Hotel Provides Hot Water Quickly

The busy hotel located just outside Denver, CO, was in a tight spot. Their 20-year-old heating system, two 1,200,000 BTU/hr Weben-Jarco units, were at the end of their mid efficiency, copper finned life. Since 1995, they serviced three buildings housing a total of 110 guest rooms as well as one house laundry and three guest laundries. As an important hotel for the hotel chain, it had been added to their list of upgrades. However, once the regional facilities director saw the extensive rust damage on the existing 500 gallon tank, this hotel became the top priority.

AM Series Aids Assisted Living Center with Energy Saving, Easy-to-Use Hydronic System

The Parke Assisted Living Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma is the first facility in the state to install the AERCO AM Series Water Heater and Boiler System. Don East, part owner of The Parke assisted living center, spoke with his maintenance manager, who proposed purchasing the AERCO AM Boiler Series. “He identified a problem with our old boilers and indicated they were starting to fail. After analyzing the situation, he recommended we talk to Hydronic Systems about using this product because it was more sophisticated and efficient.”