What We've Done

AERCO's commercial condensing boilers and high efficiency water heaters are the trusted heating systems in thousands of installations nationwide. Read our case studies to find out how our systems have added value and provided significant energy savings and Return on Investment.

Dialysis Provider Replaces Ailing Equipment with AERCO’s Modulex and AM Series Boilers, Expects Healthy ROI

For 40 years, a Northeast Ohio dialysis center, an independent non-profit healthcare organization, has been providing outstanding patient-focused treatment, education, support, and training. The center became the largest dialysis treatment organization in the region, in part, because of its commitment to provide unparalleled levels of care and assuring that every detail of a patient’s treatment is administered with skill and compassion

AERCO High Efficiency Water Heaters Are a Sure Bet for Louisiana’s Largest Casino Resort

Five years ago, Coushatta Casino Resort, Louisiana’s largest casino resort, took a gamble with their heating system by installing two non-condensing, 100-gallon, 199-MBTU storage water heaters in its South Lodge. However, luck was not on their side – despite a short run time, these storage water heaters began to leak and fail. As a result, management needed to find a sure bet that would bring about a high payoff and AERCO's high efficiency condensing boilers and water heaters were the perfect solution.

AERCO Rescues Fire Marshal Building from High Fuel Costs

The Office of the Fire Marshall in Fairfax, VA had an emergency situation – an outdated boiler system (four Burnham 500 MBTU boilers) so unreliable and inefficient the office was burning through money. The legacy four-boiler system in the basement of the William J. Burkholder Administrative Building was causing many issues, including low efficiency of about 72% due to its atmospheric and non-modulating design. The biggest problem, however, was the insufficient amount of makeup air to the room that was causing the boilers to produce a great deal of soot and fail prematurely, according to Neil Bickers, Project Manager for Fairfax County. 

Retirement Village Maintains Gold Standard with AERCO Solution

A high end retirement community just south of Miami, East Ridge Retirement Village has earned a Type A rating – the gold standard for senior living. So, when management began a 70-room expansion it needed to make sure that the project maintained the highest caliber lifestyle or risk losing its standing in the community. A total of 90 variable air volume (VAV) systems – one for each room and 20 for the common areas – were specified for the project. While space heating is often overlooked in southern Florida homes, in a retirement community such as this it is crucial that the rooms maintain a consistent temperature at all times to keep residents comfortable.

NY Arena’s Hot Water Issues were Leaving Players Cold

This professional hockey arena had a serious hot water problem. The facility’s system—two copper fin heaters rated for 2045 MBH, 81% efficiency, and feeding a 1,500-gallon storage tank—was simply not up to the job. The heaters fell completely short during peak times in the arena… namely, 20 minutes before a game, when concession stands were preparing food; and 20 minutes after the game, when stands were cleaning up and players were showering. Players and employees complained, constantly… whether in the locker room or the kitchen, cold water doesn’t cut it.