What We've Done

AERCO's commercial condensing, high efficiency boilers and water heaters are the trusted heating systems in thousands of installations nationwide. To see examples of our installations and how we’ve provided significant ROI and added value to various applications across a broad range of commercial and industrial markets, read our case studies below.

AERCO is the Cure for Hackensack University Medical Center’s Heating Woes

Hackensack University Medical Center (HUMC) has come a long way since it first opened its doors as Bergen County, New Jersey’s first hospital. Back then, it had 12 patient beds – a far cry from the 781-bed teaching and research hospital it is today. In becoming the nation’s fourth-largest hospital according to inpatient admissions, HUMC has had to undergo more than a few renovations over the years, and AERCO has been there along the way.

A Blissfully Silent, but Powerful Heating System for JFK Library and Museum

The John F. Kennedy Library and Museum is one of Boston's most revered architectural structures. The 135,000 square foot library/archive features a nine story, white precast concrete tower building, glass-enclosed pavilion and 18,000 square foot museum. Two 230-seat orientation theaters, the 20,000 square foot Stephen E. Smith Center and the adjoining library, are housed within. An electric heating plant was installed during initial construction in 1967. However, the sharply rising cost of electricity made heating the building increasingly expensive.

Eight AERCO Benchmarks Heat a 1.1M Square Foot Glass Office Complex

Long Island is known for having some of the highest electricity prices in the United States. For a decade and a half, the 1.1M sq. ft. RexCorp Plaza, the largest building structure on Long Island, was heated by way of an electric space heating plant.  Year after year, the stifling energy costs put a substantial drag on the building’s bottom line. Consequently, building owners undertook a massive project in 1999 to switch their electric heating plant to a more affordable, natural gas-fired alternative.

AERCO Anchors High-Efficiency Heating System in 22-Story Government Building

Built in downtown Boston in 1975, the McCormack Building has always relied upon the city’s district steam supply to provide space heat and domestic hot water. As it was initially designed, the government facility also depended upon two 1,200-ton steam-absorption chillers for cooling. However, rising energy costs during the ensuing 25 years, coupled with an office automation upsurge, culminated in a $6 million HVAC overhaul in 2003.

The Perfect Fit for this Colorado Mall

When drawing up plans for the climate control system of the two-level, 700,000 sq. ft. FlatIron Crossing mall in Broomfield, Colorado, mechanical engineers and designers at Seattle-based Abacus Engineered Systems were presented with a situation common to shopping centers. The retail space inside the mall would be in continuous flux. This meant that any permanent HVAC system would have to be extremely adaptable to the frequent changes that occurred among the 153 small retail spaces.