What We've Done

AERCO's commercial condensing, high efficiency boilers and water heaters are the trusted heating systems in thousands of installations nationwide. To see examples of our installations and how we’ve provided significant ROI and added value to various applications across a broad range of commercial and industrial markets, read our case studies below.

Finding a Healthier Hot Water Solution for a Hospital with Growing Pains

This hospital has seen a lot of changes in recent years. The center is undergoing a major three-phase renovation project that includes building an Energy Center, a new Surgery Department, a remodeled Outpatient Department, a new Health Education Department and much more. The changes will catapult the hospital into this century—but its existing, steam-fired water heaters were simply not up to the job for the expanded facility. Could a new system keep pace with the hospital’s expanding size and scope, yet still provide the domestic hot water control and high efficiency they want?

Giving an Old School a New Education in Tankless Innovation

The school district, located in Denver, CO, metro area, operates 61 schools with more than 50,000 students. One of the district’s middle schools relied on an outdated storage tank-style water heater that suddenly failed, leaving the school without hot water. Since class was in session, the district needed to replace the unit immediately.

Turning a Sky-High Inefficient Problem into an Energy-Saving Solution

For eight years, two gas-fired tank water heaters supplied domestic water to the office building in downtown Boston. Each heater was rated at 83% efficiency, with 540 MBH input and 125 gallons of storage. One heater, however, started losing its coating—supplying rusty water to the building. Obviously, the unit had to be replaced, but it would be difficult to bring a new unit up 35 floors plus two narrow stairwells to a machinery room without spending a fortune, not to mention dealing with the logistical nightmare of a busy office building in a bustling metro area..

The Innovation Slashes High Rise Hotel’s Fuel Bills by 43%!

When the hotel was built in 1996, it was fitted with two 500-gallon storage tanks and two copper-fin atmospheric heaters with rated efficiencies of 82%. 

Fast forward to 2012, and the system was not only inefficient, but failing. The new owner wanted the system replaced and upgraded to a high efficiency system, but itsunits were on the 17th floor. Would they need an expensive crane or rigger to install new units? The old system’s atmospheric heaters used B-vents, which also needed to be replaced when upgrading to a high efficiency system.

Major University Expects to Save $600,000 per Year with Benchmark Boilers

The 60-year-old centralized heating plant at the State University of New York at Cortland was outdated and extremely inefficient. The old centralized steam system allowed a tremendous amount of heat to go to waste as the steam traveled from the plant to dozens of buildings across its sprawling 191-acre campus. Heating costs were at an all-time high accounting for more than 40 percent of the college’s energy budget.