Whenever This Major Hotel Upgrades, It Asks For AERCO


Nashville Airport Hotel


Nashville, TN



Manufacturing Representative

Industrial Heater, Inc.

AERCO Product Installed


This airport hotel is a 392-room facility built in 1981. Located by the Nashville International Airport, the facility also boasts 25,000 ft. of meeting rooms, a ballroom, a kitchen and small laundry. The original hot water system consisted of two copper fin tube boilers with two large, horizontal storage tanks; along with a third copper fin tube boiler with a large vertical storage tank. Despite the hefty system, it didn’t adequately supply enough hot water — forcing the hotel to discount or refund room charges. The installation of a 2,000-gallon storage tank didn’t help. The year was 1999, and hot water problems had plagued the hotel for far too long.


In 1999, the hotel hired a local engineer to tackle the problem, who recommended five AERCO KC1000 water heaters. Since tankless technology was still new to some at the time, the hotel insisted that its current, huge water tanks be incorporated into the design.

The KC1000 units solved the hotel’s hot water problem, but also changed their perception of how state-of-the-art heating works:

  • Before the piping to the big storage tanks was completed, a major event filled nearly every room in the hotel. The five AERCO KC1000s provided hot water without a hitch. It convinced the hotel that water tanks were dated technology.
  • The hotel canceled the piping to the existing storage tanks, and eventually removed the tanks altogether —opening lots of space.

Today, after years of solid service with its KC1000 units, the hotel is in the process of upgrading. Once again, it has turned to AERCO.

  • The hotel hired an engineering firm, Industrial Heater, who recommended installing four AERCO Innovation 1060 units.
  • The Innovations were the next generation in high-efficiency tankless water heating, and included such improvements as an enhanced, stainless steel heat exchanger; a greener low NOx burner and much more.
  • The Innovations retrofitted perfectly with the hotel’s existing venting and only needed minimal re-piping. It saved immensely on installation costs.


The hotel initially ordered two Innovation1060s to replace its older KC1000 units. Management was so impressed, it ordered two more Innovations in 2012. A fifth is slated to be installed this year.