A Luxury High-Rise Gets Premium System without High Installation and Operating Costs


High Rise Apartment Building


New York City


Multifamily Housing

Manufacturing Representative

G.A. Fleet Associates


This new, 12-story luxury rental residential building overlooks midtown Manhattan. The distinctive rental offers 199 units in a mix of studios and one-, two- and three-bedroom apartments; along with amenities that include a state-of-the-art fitness center, gaming lounge, clubroom and more. The building was designed for high efficiency, incorporating a water source heat pump loop for space heating—so low inlet water temperatures and condensing equipment was a given. But the current plans for the building called for three 2500 MBH water-tube boilers to provide supplemental heating for the loop, along with two 120-gallon tanks for domestic water heating. This meant a more expensive installation, high horsepower pumps and larger piping, valves, and fittings, along with a pricey induced draft fan.


Forward Mechanical and G.A. Fleet Associates were tasked with finding a better alternative for this luxury high rise. The teams knew that AERCO fire-tube condensing water heaters and boilers didn’t have the limitations of the current specified water-tube system. Having worked on New York City high-rise apartments for over 20 years, they recommended three INNOVATION 1060s for the job, along with three Benchmarks for the heating plant.

The tankless, 96% efficient Innovation 1060s and Benchmark 3000s were exactly what this luxury high-rise called for:

  • Two Innovation units handle the facility’s peak load with ease; the third unit provides redundancy. This reduced the size of the domestic water heating plant and eliminated the need for cumbersome storage tanks.
  • Once installed, the units’ onboard Water Heater Management (WHM) system ensured continual, peak efficiency round the clock.
  • It only runs units as they are needed... the rest are isolated via fully packaged motorized isolation valves.
  • The three Benchmark boilers installed in the heating plant offered a flow that is ONE-FIFTH of the original specified design. The units’ pressure drop is less than one PSI—which requires less expensive, lower horsepower pumps.
  • All AERCO units were common vented through a 20” flue—no need for additional penetrations or a costly induced draft fan.


This luxury high rise got a much more energy and space efficient system, with substantially lower installation costs and electrical operating requirements.