AERCO Races To Help Hampton Inn Meet Guest Needs


Hampton Inn


Daytona Beach, FL



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With tens of thousands of tourists – many of them potential guests – set to arrive for one of the most popular NASCAR events, the time was not right for the water heater serving the laundry room at the Beachfront Hampton Inn in Daytona Beach, Florida, to break down. Yet, that is exactly what happened in February 2015. Looking for a winning partner, management turned to AERCO International, who raced to deliver an AM Series unit that delivered high performance and an unparalleled level of redundancy in one day. With the installation, the hotel can continue to serve customers at the level that has helped it earn a 2014 TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence Award and the travel website’s GreenLeaders Silver Award.

The existing unit delivering hot water to the washing machines serving the 91-room Hampton Inn broke for the second time and began leaking well within the 3-year warranty period. Since it was the only water heater for the laundry room and the Daytona 500 motor race was only a week away, management needed to quickly find a reliable solution.

Manufacturer’s Representative Validated Custom Solutions (VCS) recommended the AERCO AM Series, since it offers a level of built-in redundancy unlike any other water heater in its class. Hampton Inn needed the solution to be delivered and installed in one day, and preferred to have a water heater that met its stringent environmentally friendly operation philosophy.


VCS recommended the AM500 water heater as a drop-in replacement for the failed unit from another manufacturer. The AM series offered the Hampton Inn a number of benefits, including a heat exchanger with 316(Ti) stainless steel tubes and a scale-resistant design. Most importantly, the AM500 features two individual modules, each with its own combustion chamber, burner, gas valve, and combustion controls and safeguards. The modular design of the AM500 provides the Hampton Inn with the advantages of a larger boiler plant, including high 10:1 turndown and multiple-unit redundancy, while lowering installation costs.

The high efficiency and low pollutant levels of <20 ppm NOx of the AM Series made the water heaters comply with the Hampton Inn’s green operation guidelines. Further meeting the environmental benchmark was the whisper quiet operation of the AM Series, which runs at <50 dBA, much quieter than comparable solutions.


The AM500 unit shipped within one day to meet the request of the Hampton Inn management and accommodate the wave of tourists coming to town for the Daytona 500. The new water heater system provides 100% redundancy. Additionally, the system temperature was reduced from 180 °F-140 °F, which allows the hotel to have lower energy costs and will further prevent scale buildup. Its compact design allowed the unit to easily fit inside the existing closet that contained the old system, for a straightforward and simple installation.