What We've Done

AERCO's commercial condensing, high efficiency boilers and water heaters are the trusted heating systems in thousands of installations nationwide. To see examples of our installations and how we’ve provided significant ROI and added value to various applications across a broad range of commercial and industrial markets, read our case studies below.

Washington, D.C. Hotel Saves More than $100,000 Annually by Electing AERCO’s Benchmark/SmartPlate

Economics is always a hot topic in Washington, D.C., whether talking to a Congressman or hotel manager. So when luxury hotel needed to upgrade its aging heat and hot water system in less than three months, it took finances, reliability and its constituents (838 upscale guest rooms and suites, a fitness center, pool and sauna) into consideration.

Benchmark® Platinum Commercial Condensing Boiler Overachieves at Efficiency

Since 2006, Saskatoon Public Schools have made AERCO their manufacturer of choice for high-efficiency, commercial condensing boilers in retrofits and new construction. In every instance, the performance and cost savings that these fully-modulating and condensing boilers provided were above expectations. So when one of their schools, Henry Kelsey School, needed to update their heating system, they knew they wanted to upgrade with AERCO. 

AERCO Allows Shelter Residents to Experience Warm Holiday Season

As a consistently rated 4-star nonprofit that helps shelter and support homeless people and families in Miami-Dade County, this non-profit organization is used to providing to those in need. When the water heaters in one of its transitional houses began to fail during the holiday season, however, it was the organization that sought assistance. AERCO International and Integrated Cooling Solutions (ICS) answered the call, and thanks to the overnight delivery of two AERCO AM 750 water heaters, the non-profit organization was able to bring some joy during the holidays and many days after.

Boarding School Scores Big with AERCO’s Modulex EXT and SmartPlate

The private boarding school for 7th-12th graders that sits on a beautiful 187-acre campus just south of Boston, MA. Serving as a “home away from home” for many students, the school takes great pride in its campus and facilities, including the ice hockey rink used frequently by the school’s highly ranked hockey team for games, practices and tournaments, as well as by general students recreationally.

Dialysis Provider Replaces Ailing Equipment with AERCO’s Modulex and AM Series Boilers, Expects Healthy ROI

For 40 years, a Northeast Ohio dialysis center, an independent non-profit healthcare organization, has been providing outstanding patient-focused treatment, education, support, and training. The center became the largest dialysis treatment organization in the region, in part, because of its commitment to provide unparalleled levels of care and assuring that every detail of a patient’s treatment is administered with skill and compassion