Article: Tankless Water Heaters - What Owners Need to Know

Article: Tankless Water Heaters - What Owners Need to Know

What Owners Need to Know About Tankless Water Heaters
Cost, space, and safety benefits of tankless solutions

By Kunal Shah
AERCO International Inc.
Blauvelt, NY

For the new generation of mechanical rooms, lower operating costs, greater realiability, and environmental-friendliness are the name of the game. This is leading consulting-specifying engineers, architects, and facility owners and managers to leave no stone unturned in their search for the best possible return on investment (ROI). Considering water-heating systems typically are second only to HVAC systems in terms of energy consumption, even small gains in efficiency and cuts in operating expenses related to water heating can have a large impact on a facility's bottom line. For this reason, tankless water-heating systems are gaining traction.

Tankless water-heating systems offer a number of advantages over their tanked counterparts. For example, stored water in a tanked water-heating system must be maintained at 140°F to prevent Leginonella bacteria. Further, a tanked system requires a mixing valve to prevent scalding from the 140°F stored water. These are two factors that contribute to the higher operating costs and lower efficiency of tanked systems compared with tankless alternatives. Additionally, facility space has never been a higher premium, and the more compact footprint of a tankless water heater reduces the square footage of a mechanical room. 

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