Article: New York College Lowers Operating Costs with High-Efficiency Heating, Hot Water

Hamilton College Upgrades Heating Systems in Ice Rink, Dormitories

Much like its namesake - Alexander Hamilton, the first U.S. Treasury secretary - Hamilton College has a keen eye for finances. When administrators of the small liberal-arts school in Clinton, N.Y., set out to upgrade heating and hot-water systems, they sought a local company that manufactures reliable, high-efficiency products that deliver lower operating costs and bring a high return on investment (ROI): AERCO International Inc., maker of Benchmark boilers and SmartPlate water heaters.

AERCO and Hamilton College have a history. Three years ago, Eells House, one of the college's residence halls, lost heat during the cold holiday season because its boiler's aluminium heat exchanger failed. Needing to solve the problem quickly, the director of physical plant for building services for Hamilton College visited a school with an AERCO heating solution nearby Utica, N.Y. The director concluded the AERCO Benchmark 1000 would be a good fit for Hamilton College because of its reliability, compact footprint, energy savings, and low operating costs. 

It proved to be a wise choice. The maintenance staff no longer had to worry about the extra cost and time associated with maintaining pH levels. Because the Benchmark 1000 is a high-efficiency condensing boiler with 20:1 turndown, the college has been saving more than $8,000 a year in operating costs.

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