AERCO Introduces Most Advanced Commercial Condensing Boiler Yet – Benchmark® Platinum

Benchmark® Platinum Delivers Unprecedented Levels of Efficiency, Reliability and Reduced Operating Expenses for Greater ROI —

Blauvelt, NY – January 30, 2017 – Twenty years after introducing the Benchmark series of high efficiency, condensing boilers, AERCO launches the Benchmark® Platinum, their most advanced commercial condensingboiler yet. The Benchmark Platinum features a powerful bundle of innovative technologies including AERtrim, AERCO’s patented O2 Trim technology, Dual Returns, and onAER Remote Monitoring, in addition to an industry-best warranty.

“Benchmark boilers have been considered the gold standard in high efficiency, hydronic heating for nearly 20 years. With the Benchmark Platinum, AERCO raises that standard to a higher level allowing customers to get the most out of their premium system through performance optimization, maximum efficiency and a significantly greater Return on Investment,” said Peter Rimassa, Director of Boiler Value Stream and Application Engineering.

Dual Returns

A key advantage of the Benchmark Platinum series is its dual return capability which allows engineers to take full advantage of diverse load demands specific to a site in order to design the most efficient system possible. Most traditional boilers offer a single return that forces the blending of hot and cold water temperatures. However, Benchmark Platinum’s dual returns keep cold water separate, creating a larger condensing zone in the heat exchanger that improves boiler efficiency up to 7%. Dual Returns are ideal for applications that feature combination systems including multi-zone space heating, space heating with domestic hot water radiant floor heating, snow melt, pool heating and more.

AERtrim (O2 Trim Technology)

AERtrim, AERCO’s patented advanced O2 Trim technology, monitors actual site conditions and self-adjusts its combustion process to ensure the boiler is operating at optimal O2 levels despite environmental variations (such as humidity, atmospheric pressure, filter dust loading, delivered gas energy content). Proper O2 levels provide greater uptime reliability, increased energy savings, lower emissions, and an additional 1%-2 % seasonal efficiency gain.*

onAER Remote Monitoring

Benchmark Platinum’s onAER Remote Monitoring continuously monitors the overall health of the system helping customers properly maintain and protect their investment. onAER provides a convenient site that offers an instant, intuitive, easy-to-read overview of a system including unit performance, plant efficiency, detailed technical data and more. onAER allows for quick resolution and prevents more serious problems from developing that can result in inefficient operation and increased expenses. Monthly reports and instant email alerts notify facility managers of any faults or decline in equipment to prevent unnecessary wear-and-tear as well as premature failure.

In addition to these features, AERCO also offers its industry-best warranty for the Benchmark Platinum. Benchmark Platinum also has all the inherent benefits of the Benchmark boilers. Each compact stainless steel unit fits through standard 36” doorways and can be transported on elevators. Venting options include sidewall, through-the-roof, and direct-vent for installation flexibility. Units can be serviced via the front, top, or side, allowing Benchmark Platinum boilers to be configured side-by-side.


AERCO International, Inc., a Watts company, is a recognized leader in delivering cost-effective commercial condensing boilers, high-efficiency water heaters, and energy recovery solutions across a variety of markets, including Education, Entertainment, Government and Military, Healthcare, Industrial, Lodging, Multifamily Housing, Office Buildings, and Stadiums and Fields. AERCO's system-design approach provides customer-specific solutions that deliver superior building performance at a lower operating cost while assuring uptime reliability. Founded in 1949, AERCO originated tankless water heating, introduced the first modulating and condensing gas-fired unit for the commercial market, and helped pioneer the high-efficiency condensing boiler category. For more information, contact AERCO at 800.526.0288 or visit

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