AERCO’s Tankless Innovation Water Heater Delivers Reliability, Energy Savings and Peace of Mind

AERCO’s Tankless Innovation Water Heater Delivers Reliability, Energy Savings and Peace of Mind

Blauvelt, NY, January 2016 – As the water heater market increasingly transitions from storage to tankless technology, AERCO’s Innovation continues to provide engineers, contractors and building owners with a safer, more reliable water heating system that is easy to install, delivers energy savings and lowers operating costs.

The Innovation is a compact, highly efficient tankless water heater that delivers instantaneous hot water with no storage tank or standing water that has to be heated up and then mixed down. The all stainless steel construction maximizes longevity in the condensing application and the corrugated tubes increase effective heat transfer surface area creating optimal thermal efficiencies up to 99%.

AERCO’s advanced control system fires the unit to accurately match load requirements effectively producing a tight hot water outlet temperature control and eliminating wasted fuel. The Innovation is constantly condensing (heating cold inlet water instead of recovering hot water from a storage tank) and uses less electrical power as no circulator pumps are required. Their premixed, stainless steel fiber mesh burners promote high-efficiency combustion and produce low pollutant levels of less than 20 ppm NOx.

The Innovation is designed with a compact footprint allowing it to fit through a standard 32" doorway to be easily installed and serviced.  Its high efficiency translates directly into big energy savings providing customers with reliable, long-lasting, low-emission heating systems with a greater return on investment. Its ideal for both new construction or retrofit projects, including those in:

  • Hospitality – The tankless design allows outlet temperatures to be set to 120° F (rather than the typical 140° F) without the risk of Legionella disease. Innovation also has tight temperature control of +/-4°. These features lower operating costs, reduce the risk of scalding and ensure guests always have hot water.
  • Healthcare – Hospitals, medical centers and other care-giving facilities must have continuous hot water service for patient care. Innovation has a dual-fuel gas train for natural gas and propane so the water heater can operate under extreme conditions.
  • Education – With turndown as high as 30:1, Innovation can meet low flow as well as peak demands commonly found in dormitories. Its ability to match the load so efficiently results in lower operating costs and economic savings for schools and universities.
  • Multi-family – Innovation is available in four sizes - 600, 800, 1060 or 1350 MBH. For multi-family units that have size and load variables, this type of solution is particularly beneficial. With the smallest footprint for a commercial-grade unit, the Innovation is perfect for residential complexes where space is at a premium, such as cities and metropolitan areas.

To further lower ownership costs, Innovation features Water Heater Management program. The controls allow for easy sequencing of up to eight units to minimize cycles per unit for greater system efficiency and turndown, and reduce maintenance costs and potential downtime. Operating efficiencies are optimized at all load conditions and standby losses are virtually eliminated. System reliability is also increased due to the reduced cycling.


AERCO International, Inc. is a recognized leader in delivering high-efficiency, cost-effective commercial heat, hot water, and energy recovery solutions across a variety of markets including Education, Entertainment, Government and Military, Healthcare, Industrial, Lodging, Multifamily Housing, Office Buildings, Stadiums and Fields and more. AERCO’s system design approach provides customer-specific solutions that deliver superior building performance at a lower operating cost while assuring uptime reliability. Founded in 1949, AERCO originated tankless water heating, introduced the first modulating and condensing gas-fired unit for the commercial market and helped pioneer the high-efficiency boiler category. For more information, contact AERCO at 800.526.0288 or visit


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