Equal-2-New Refurbishment Program

The AERCO Equal2New (E2N) Program offers a convenient and cost-effective way to maintain hot water and boiler systems at peak functionality. It allows select AERCO boiler and water heater parts to be returned and refurbished to the performance equating to a new part. The program offers a cost-efficient method for recycling and updating assemblies and equipment that require reconditioning and would benefit from an upgrade to the latest compatible design. E2N assemblies and equipment provide the same functionality as a brand new model, offering facilities management with a cost-efficient manner to maintain their boiler and hot water systems.

Pricing for repairs and purchases is the same under the E2N Program, which eliminates the need for a quote. Work can begin as soon as the customer’s part arrives, improving turnaround time. All E2N assemblies and equipment carry a full one-year warranty from shipment. The E2N Program will initially offer services for air fuel valves for the KC1000 and Benchmark models, as well as nozzle mix burners.

A customer must have a valid old part to be eligible for the program, and cores must be acceptable for reconditioning because they provide re-usable qualified subcomponents to assemble equal to new parts. This steady inventory of E2N sub-components benefits customers by resulting in quicker order fulfillment.