SmartPlate Double Wall

SmartPlate Double Wall

Easy to install, these compact heaters offer single point header connections for domestic hot water, cold water, boiler water inlet, boiler water outlet and electrical power supply and are available in five sizes able to support loads ranging from 10 to 90 gallons per minute.

When paired with a condensing hydronic boiler, SmartPlate heaters can utilize boiler water as little as 5°F above the required potable water temperature to minimize radiation losses and maximize boiler efficiency.

Each fully packaged solution includes a control panel and sensors, a potable water side circulator with clean out connections, DHW drain valve, as well as shut-off valves and inlet strainers on both the boiler water and DHW sides. To ensure longevity, all water wetted (potable water side) parts are stainless steel, copper or copper alloy materials.
  • Five sizes support up to 90 gpm Loads
  • ±4°F Temperature Control
  • Compact Footprint <10ft2
  • Fully Modulating Variable Primary Input
  • Settings for Pressure Relief Valve STANDARD: 150 PSIG, 210°F P&T; OPTIONAL: 200 PSIG
  • Packaged with Controller and 3-way Electronic Valve
  • Field Adjustable for 2- or 3-Way Application
  • Supports BAS Integration
  • All Stainless Steel, Copper or Copper Alloy Wetted (Potable Water Side) Surfaces
  • LTBW; Up to 150 PSIG, 250°F
  • Set Point Range 50°F to 180°F
  • Single or Multiple Installation
  • Ideal for New or Retrofit
  • DHW: Up to 200 PSIG
Packaged Heater - shipped completely assembled and ready for immediate hook-up; includes heat exchanger, full controls package with 3-way electronic control valve. The package can be operated selectively in 2-way or 3-way configurations.
Domestic Water Storage Tank - AERCO storage tanks are ASME certified glass-lined pressure vessels designed for use with instantaneous water heaters. When contending with challenging applications they assure consistent hot water service during peak demands. The AERCO storage tanks are available in stratified or accumulator storage configurations.

Settings for Pressure Relief Valve
  • Standard: 150 PSIG, 210°F P&T
  • Optional: 200 PSIG PRV
Electronic Controls - AERCO's exclusive electronic control system combines a control box assembly with all circuitry, a flow meter installed at the cold water inlet for feed-forward sensing, feedback sensors and voltage regulator. To maintain optimal temperature control, the system utilizes PID algorithms to monitor outlet temperature and change control valve position. Easy-to-use digital displays are protected by clear-cover enclosure which can be locked. The system also includes an overtemp limit switch.

Modbus Communications - Optional control board supports remote control and integration via Modbus protocol to Building Automation or Energy Management Software via RS-232 or RS-485 port.

Communications Gateway - Optional accessory supports integration with BACnet, LonWorks and N2 systems. Available only for heaters equipped with Modbus control board.

Dry Contacts - Optional for remote "High Limit Tripped Status" indication.

Controls & Electrical Wiring
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Temperature Limiting System            
Wiring Diagram (AP-A-1007) .pdf .dwg
Literature & Performance Data
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SmartPlate Brochure .pdf
SmartPlate Double Wall Technical Data Sheet .pdf
Control Valve Tech Data Sheet .pdf
Sizing & Application Guidelines
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Hx Volume Charts .doc
SmartPlate Double-Wall Sizing Tables (SP103.0) .pdf
Product & Component Drawings
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Bill of Materials / Parts List (PL-A-184) .PDF
Dimensional Drawing (AP-A-847) .pdf .dwg
3D Models            
IGES SPDW23 & SPDW32 .zip
IGES SPDW42, SPDW61 & SPDW113 .zip
Revit Solid 3-D Model: SPDW23 .rfa
Revit Solid 3-D Model: SPDW32 .rfa
Revit Solid 3-D Model: SPDW42 .rfa
Revit Solid 3-D Model: SPDW61 .rfa
Revit Solid 3-D Model: SPDW113 .rfa
Installation & Piping Drawings
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Anchor Bolt Location (SD-A-771) .pdf .DWG
Multi w/ boiler side buffer tank – zone (SD-A-783) .pdf .dwg
Multi w/ non-condensing boiler – bypass (SD-A-784) .pdf .dwg
Single unit .pdf .dwg
Single w/ stratified tank .pdf .dwg
Single w/ accumulator .pdf .dwg
Multi unit .pdf .dwg
Multi w/ stratified tank .pdf .dwg
Multi w/ accumulator .pdf .dwg
Multi Unit (SD-A-773) .pdf .dwg
Boiler Interface Drawings            
Multi w/ BMKs & buffer tank – zone (SD-A-792) .pdf .dwg
Multi w/ BMKs & buffer tank – w/ zone or summer pump (SD-A-793) .pdf .dwg
Multi w/ BMKs & buffer tank - DHW only (SD-A-794) .pdf .dwg
Multi w/ MLXs & buffer tank - DHW only (SD-809) .pdf .dwg
Multi-Zero Side Clearance (2 Pairs) with ACS, 4 port Buffer Tank and SmartPlate- Primary Variable Flow (SD-A-937) .pdf .dwg
Smartplate_&_MLX_Single w_Buffer Tank-Install (SD-A-1026) .pdf .dwg
Multi w/ MLXs & buffer tank (SD-A-796) .pdf .dwg
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Electronic Control Box Wiring Diagram (SD-A-769) .PDF .DWG
Controls Communication Guide (Controls Communication Guide) .pdf
Control Box Layout .pdf
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Suggested Specification .doc
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Warranty .pdf

Operation & Maintenance
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SmartPlate O&M Manual SP-100 .pdf