Benchmark 3000
Benchmark 2500 & 3000

Benchmark 2500 & 3000

The AERCO Benchmark (BMK) Water Boiler is designed for condensing application in any closed loop hydronic system. It delivers unmatched burner modulation to match energy input directly to fluctuating system loads to yield the highest possible seasonal efficiency. And no other product packs as much capacity into such a small footprint.
To minimize emissions, the BMK Series is fitted with a low NOx burner whose emissions will meet the most stringent NOx and CO requirements. The fully modulating burner also maintains AERCO standards for energy efficiency, longevity, reliability and construction quality.
The BMK Series comes standard with AERCO’s Patent Pending, Oxygen Level (O2) monitoring system. This monitoring system, designed to display the O2 level directly on the unit in real time, can also be remotely monitored via Modbus giving the customer the ability to measure the emissions level and fuel economy of the boiler without traditional combustion calibration devices.
The BMK boilers can be used as an individual unit or in modular arrangements and offers selectable modes of operation. In addition to controlling the boiler according to a constant set point, indoor/outdoor reset schedule or 4-20mA signal, one or more units can be integrated via Modbus communications protocol. For boiler plants ranging from 2-8 boilers, AERCO’S built-in Boiler Management Sequencer* can be utilized. For heating plants greater than 8 boilers, AERCO’s ACS (AERCO Control System) provides the right solution. Likewise, Benchmark systems can be easily integrated with a facility-wide Energy Management or Building Automation System

Now, even the largest hydronic projects will be able to cost effectively leverage the fuel savings and operating reliability of a condensing, fully modulating boiler backed by a market-proven design.
Unmatched 15:1 Turndown with Low NOx Emissions
As a condensing boiler, the thermal efficiency of the BMK3000 increases when applied in a system that leverages cold return water temperatures. But it's the unit's unmatched 15:1 turndown that really maximizes operating efficiency and seasonal fuel savings. 

From 200,000 BTU/hr. to its full fire input capacity of 3 million BTU/hr., the BMK3000 precisely matches fluctuating loads. This incredible range of operation minimizes boiler cycling and eliminates wasteful temperature overshoot. And the operating efficiency of the BMK3000 boiler actually increases as the load decreases. In simple terms, at its lowest firing rates (or BTU/hr. inputs), the unit's heat exchanger becomes greatly oversized in proportion to the load - allowing much greater thermal transfer to take place. The means that the BMK3000 saves the most energy during part load operations that characterize the majority of the heating season.

And the BMK Series consistently delivers <30ppm NOx at all firing levels making it ideal for environmentally-friendly projects. The unit employs the same Low NOx burner design and proprietary fuel delivery system as the BMK2.0LN.
Compact, Easy-to-Apply Design
Measuring only 78" high x 28" wide x 56" deep, the BMK3000 fits easily through a standard size doorway and occupies a very small footprint. And it fits the most challenging projects as easily as it fits the smallest mechanical rooms.

The BMK3.0 boiler supports sealed combustion, ceiling/sidewall venting and low gas pressure applications. Ideal in low flow applications, the unit operates with a small water side pressure drop and can withstand no flow conditions without damaging the heat exchanger.

From a controls standpoint, the unit's C-More control system can be integrated directly into a facility-wide Building Automation System via Modbus and is fully compatible with AERCO's Boiler Management System II (BMS II) for multiple unit installations.
Performance-Proven Design
Best of all, the BMK3000 employs the same parts and technologies that have been performance proven over the past ten years as part of the Benchmark 2.0 boiler line. By rearranging interior components, we've increased the unit's capacity by a million BTU/hr. -- but we've only added 8" to the depth of the original product footprint.

The new design employs two, identical, stainless steel, heat exchangers to deliver the extra capacity. Importantly, this is the same heat exchanger design that has been available with the BMK2.0LN for nearly ten years -- same material, same design, same welding, etc. Whereas, competitive product designs often employ primary and secondary heat exchangers made of different materials to cut corners - we've doubled up on quality with the BMK3000.
Standard Controls Package
The AERCO C-More™ Control Package supports constant set point, remote set point and/or outdoor reset schedule for individual boiler operation. Offers step-by-step diagnostic menus and status displays to help users set controls and check faults. More than 40 distinct messages, written in easy-to-understand language, convey subsystem status throughout the start-up sequence and during operation. The flash-upgradeable platform can be remotely monitored, controlled and upgraded via Modbus protocol using the RS-232 or RS-485 connection. The system provides failsafe and independent operation in the event of external building control system failures.
Product Options
Double Block and Bleed Gas Train - Allows real-time cutover from natural gas to propane by rotating the fuel selector switch and changing of logic sticks.

AERCO Control System (ACS) - optional multiple unit controller recommended for installations of eight or more boilers to maximize operating efficiency.

Communications Gateway - optional accessory supports boiler or BMS integration with BACnet, LonWorks and N2 systems.

Sentinal Products - Compatible with all materials found in a hydronic loop, these chemicals offer overall protection of a heating system from sludge, scale, corrosion, and freeze conditions.
Belimo F6... HDU Series 2-way butterfly valves - are designed to meet the needs of HVAC and commercial application requiring bubble tight shut-off for liquids.  Typical applications include boiler isolation, chiller isolation, cooling tower isolation, change-over systems, air handler coil control, bypass and process control applications.

AERCO Condensate Neutralizer Kit- is ideal for neutralizing condensate from condensing boilers and furnaces operating on natural gas or propane.

Secondary Low Water Cut-Off (LWCO) - where required by building code. Secondary LWCO must be installed external to boiler. 

Integration Panel - allows for automatic BST Master-function transfer to the next available unit in the event the original Master experiences a control panel or communication failure.
Literature & Performance Data
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Benchmark Family Brochure .pdf
C-More Tech Data Sheet .pdf
BMK 3000 BTU Input vs Valve Position .pdf
BMK 2500/ 3000 Water Side Pressure Drop .pdf
Benchmark 3000 Efficiency Curve .pdf
Benchmark 3000 Altitude Derate Factors (C302.5) .pdf
BMK3000 Dual Fuel- Natural Gas Input vs Valve Positions .pdf
BMK3000 Dual Fuel- Propane Input vs Valve Positions .pdf
Benchmark 2500 Efficiency Curve .pdf
Benchmark Series Technical Data Sheet .pdf
Boiler Sequencing Technology (BST) .pdf
Integration Panel Tech Data .pdf
AERCO's Packaged Systems .pdf
Operation & Maintenance
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BMK2500-3000_G-14-0304-and-UP (OMM-0094) .pdf
OMM-0099_0A_GF-145_BMK2500DF-3000DF_052114 .pdf
Sizing & Application Guidelines
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Benchmark Application Guide (GF-2070) .pdf
Venting & Combustion Air Guide (GF-2050) .pdf
Electrical Power Wiring Guide (GF-2060) .pdf
Gas Components & Supply Design Guide (GF-2030) .pdf
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BMK 3000 Conversion 460 VAC to 230 VAC .pdf
BMK 3000 24 Month Maint Kit .pdf
Siemens Actuator Kit 27086-x .pdf
BMK Boiler 12-Month Maintenance Kit 58025-01 (TID-0131) .pdf
Benchmark Flame Rod Amplifier Retrofit Instructions Kit #69223 .pdf
TID-0133_0A_Modbus Header Temp Sensor Kit 24444-1_03-16-15 .pdf
TID-0151 Board Jumper Settings .pdf
TID-0102_BMK 2500-3000 24 Month Maint Kit 58025-10 .pdf
BMK Magnetic Door Latch Field replacement Kit 58143 (TID-0163) .pdf
Product & Component Drawings
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BMK 3000 Bill of Materials/Parts List (PL-A-177) .pdf
AP-A-1006 Rev.A (Condensate Trap Assembly PolyBall (PN-24441) .pdf
AP-A-900 (BMK 2500 & 3000 Dimensional Drawing) .pdf .dwg
Gas Trains            
BMK 3000 Dual Fuel Gas Train (PL-A-177) .pdf
BMK 3000 Dual Fuel DBB Gas Train (PL-A-180) .pdf
3D Models            
Benchmark 2500/ 3000 Revit Drawing .rfa
Installation & Piping Drawings
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Clearance for Combination Plant (SD-A-874) .pdf .dwg
Anchor Bolt Location BMK2500 & 3000 (SD-A-896) .pdf .dwg
Clearance for Standalone Unit Placement (SD-A-897) .pdf .dwg
Clearance for Side-by-Side Unit Placement (SD-A-898) .pdf .dwg
DHW Priority (ACS Only) BMK/SmartPlate/Buffer Tank Applications (SD-A-916) .pdf .dwg
Single Unit Installation-Primary Variable Flow (SD-A-957) .pdf .dwg
Muli-Zero Side Clearance (2-Pairs)-Primary Variable Flow (SD-A-958) .pdf .dwg
Multi Unit Installation-Primary Secondary (SD-A-960) .pdf .dwg
Single Unit Installation with ACS and Indirect Storage Heater-Primary Variable Flow (SD-A-961) .pdf .dwg
Muli-Zero Side Clearance (2 Pairs) with ACS, 4 Port Buffer Tank and SmartPlate (SD-A-962)
Multi-Zero Side Clearance (2 Pairs) with ACS, 2 Port Buffer Tank and SmartPlate (SD-A-963) .pdf .dwg
Primary Secondary Single Unit Installation (SD-A-959) .pdf .dwg
Multi Dual Return With Smartplate_Tank Install (SD-A-1088) .pdf .dwg
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C-More Onboard Boiler Sequencing Tech Field Wiring Diagram 24VAC (SD-A-1010) .pdf
C-More Onboard Boiler Sequencing Tech with Protonode and BAS Field Wiring Diagram 24VAC SD-A-1011 .pdf .dwg
C-More Onboard Boiler Sequencing Tech Field Wiring Diagram 24VAC with Modbus Device SD-A-1012 .pdf
C-More Onboard BST w/ Protonode and BAS Field Wiring Diagram 24VAC with Modbus (SD-A-1013) .pdf
BST Header Temperature Sensor (Direct Connect) - SD-A-1017 .pdf
BST Outdoor Temperature Sensor (Direct Connect)- (SD-A-1018) .pdf
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Internal Wiring            
BMK 2000-6000 Internal IO Box Wiring Diagram (SD-A-903) .pdf .dwg
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BMK3000 Natural Gas CI Specification .doc
BMK3000 Propane CI Specification .doc
BMK3000 Dual Fuel CI Specification .doc
BMK2500 Natural Gas CI Specification .doc
BMK2500 Propane CI Specification .doc
BMK2500 Dual Fuel CI Specification .doc
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BMK 2500 AHRI Certification .pdf
BMK 3000 AHRI Certification .pdf
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All Benchmark Limited Warranty .pdf
Operation & Maintenance
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GF-132 Benchmark 3000 (G-12-0707 and up) .pdf
BENCHMARK 3000 Dual Fuel Gas-Fired Boiler .pdf
GF-137 Benchmark 2500 and 3000 (Serial # G-12-1779 and Above) .pdf
BENCHMARK 3000 Dual Fuel O&M (GF-134) Serial # G-14-0304 and Above .pdf
C-More Control Panel (GF-112) 4.22.2014 .pdf
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