KC1000 Boilers and Water Heaters Now Have 20:1 Turndown

Publish Date: 10/4/2006
Northvale, NJ (October 4, 2006) — AERCO International, Inc., a leading supplier of commercial boilers and water heating products, announces that its KC1000 high-efficiency, natural gas-fired boilers and water heaters now have 20:1 turndown, making them the most efficient models in the 1 million BTU/hr category. The ability to perfectly match heating loads between 50,000 and 1 million BTU/hr. without cycling results in seasonal efficiencies as high as 95%. The KC1000 models can simplify infrastructure, reduce project costs and minimize lifecycle expenses for value-driven schools, hospitals and other facilities requiring long-lasting, reliable, high-efficiency equipment.

"AERCO introduced the KC1000 product in 1988 and it is now the longest-selling family of high-efficiency boilers and water heaters in its class. When it was introduced, the line offered 14:1 turndown - performance that remains unmatched by other manufacturers more than 18 years later. We have further separated ourselves from the competition with the 20:1 enhancement to make KC1000 natural gas-fired units an even stronger choice for facilities seeking both efficiency and time-tested reliability," said Fred Depuy, President and CEO of AERCO International.

The KC1000 boilers and water heaters utilize AERCO's patented air/fuel delivery system to achieve 20:1 turndown, which minimizes cycling to reduce fuel consumption and lessen wear on parts. The KC1000's efficiency actually increases as the load decreases because of its unique inverse efficiency curve.

There are other benefits to the AERCO products' condensing heat exchanger design. The units support variable flow rates and are built to withstand thermal shock under no flow conditions. In addition, their condensing design eliminates the need for primary/secondary piping which reduces the cost and complexity of the overall heating system.

Each 1 million BTU/hr. KC1000 unit provides accurate temperature control and occupies only a 78"H x 22"W x 57"D footprint. The KC1000 boiler is designed with easy-to-use, advanced control software that integrates with EMS systems and can be accessed remotely. The boiler can be used as a single unit or in modular arrangements for inherent standby with minimum space requirements.

AERCO also offers a low NOx burner package for the KC1000 natural gas-fired boilers and water heaters. To minimize emissions in environmentally-friendly installations, Low NOx KC1000 models produce <30 ppm of NOx corrected to 3% of excess air over an 11:1 operating range.

AERCO offers commercial boilers and water heaters that simplify infrastructure, reduce project costs and minimize lifecycle expenses for value-driven schools, hospitals and others seeking long-lasting, reliable, high-efficiency equipment. Founded in 1949, AERCO originated tankless water heating, introduced the first modulating and condensing gas-fired unit for the commercial market and helped pioneer the high-efficiency boiler category. For more information, contact AERCO at 800.526.0288 or visit