AERCO announce the release of the Innovation 1350

Publish Date: 4/22/2012
AERCO International, the originator of modulating condensing technology for commercial applications, introduces the Innovation 1350 water heater that brings all the inherent benefits of the Innovation family to commercial and industrial applications that require 1.35 million BTU/hr. Ideal for new construction and retrofit, the tankless design, advanced condensing/modulating technology, and scale-resistant heat exchanger of the Innovation 1350 provides consulting specifying engineers, plumbers, facilities management, and building owners with a compact, reliable hot water heater that maximizes energy efficiency.
Delivering 30:1 turndown, the Innovation 1350 has operating efficiency of 99%. For multi-unit systems, the Innovation 1350 can be used with AERCO’s C-More Water Heater Management System (WHM) to further reduce operating costs, making Innovation well-suited for “green” designs. A control system that can operate up to eight water heaters in parallel, WHM ensures all water heaters in a system operate at maximum efficiency. Designed to be redundant, WHM also allows water heaters to be taken offline for repairs and maintenance without affecting operation.                                                                                     
The Innovation 1350 boasts a thermal shock-proof firetube heat exchanger that is highly resistant to scale buildup and impervious to thermal stress, resulting in an extended life. The all-stainless steel construction further maximizes longevity and the corrugated tubes increase effective heat transfer surface area for optimal thermal efficiencies.
A unique tankless design allows the Innovation 1350 to operate with set points of 120° F or below – saving energy and reducing the risk of scalding. Minimal water volume and maintaining continuous circulation through the hot water heater virtually eliminate the risk of Legionella bacteria growth.
AERCO’s combination of the C-More controller, Dynamic Load Anticipator, and high turndown modulating air/fuel valve, guarantees accurate temperature control plus safe, stable, reliable and efficient combustion with the lowest NOx and CO emissions, eliminates wasted fule, and reduces operating costs. A number of venting options provide broad installation and flexibility savings. The Innovation 1350 has sidewall, through-the-roof and sealed combustion venting capabilities.